False killer whales today mixed with bottlenose and common dolphins together with crazy wind and waves on our possibly last survey for 2023..Image attachment
When the boys are blowing out a heart...😍
Males going crazy just before having dinner..Image attachment

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Wow! That's amazing footage. I hadn't realised they were so vocal 😮

Oh just spectacular! You are so fortunate to have these encounters. I admit I have a real fascination with pseudorca and I love their close approaches and squeeeeeeeeks!

Great video

What an amazing encounter....


Synchronisation 😍

Wow, echt mega 👍

En dat op mijn verjaardag. Sounds good. 😋

WOW! This is amazing! I didn't know that false killer whale noses were so prominent!!! There is one who looks like an old bloke with a big potato nose!


Te gek


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Crazy mixed species days, lately!
(Spotted dolphins and pilot whales) 
(Rissos and bottlenose dolphins)Image attachment

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Beautiful pictures! So clear!

Wait interesting, we get Risso's-Bnose associations here too

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Amazing footage! I’m so jealous

This is amazing


Amazing encounter

Another beautiful post!


Wat een geweldige filmbeelden Karin!!!

Since yesterday our “4 Continents Team” is now only covering 3…Audra (USA), our acoustic expert left us after a hectic but good period! Thank you, Audra for your passion, humor and hard work!
We collected many hours with the Soundtrap and the hydrophone array system, which will hopefully broaden our knowledge about the acoustic world of Risso’s dolphins .. 
At least we will always have the “chatty” dolphins’ whistles and the metronomic sounds of the Spermwhales…  Gramping on with Adrienne (Australia) and Jing and Iris from Taiwan!

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Nice one!!!

Goeie foto!!

Every year THEY drive us crazy, and therefore, the spare moments that they actually show little bits of their hidden lives are soooo precious.

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I remember the summer of 2013, which was so wonderful for seeing them.

Whatever year we saw them was pretty amazing! 😍 I’ll never forget their heads dunking together, such a crazy sound. So early and quiet on the water 💙


They show themselves but never to me... yet 🤪

Wat zijn ze mooi😍

What a precious face! What kind of dolphn is it Nova Atlantis Foundation

Astrid Robberegt Deze hebben wij dus gezien

Loooove it! Hyperoodon??

Rissos dolphin male contest competition is often displayed by headbutting events and they can be highly aggressive (open beaks!) and Another reason why not to swim with this species...Image attachmentImage attachment+1Image attachment

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Stunning images!! Frank Dhermain

Megumi Matsuda

Amazing pictures !

Cetal Fauna!

Hiroko Suzuki

awesome pictures! I never saw the Risso`s acting like this (and their teeth)

Janis Millu Bijin Chihiro

So true--being in close proximity to the power of dolphin males fighting is extremely sobering.

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