Autumn time is about writing up stuff and working with digital Risso’s. Recently it’s all about mating strategies!
Good day everyone, 
After our accounts have been hacked it took some time to solve things with the Meta technicians, but we’re back in the air! In the meantime, we have closed our field workstation and are focusing on data processing and the production of manuscripts.
We would like to thank all volunteers and interns that helped the fieldwork project from May till September, especially Debby, Emily, Audra, Marc and Filipe!
More news soon!Image attachmentImage attachment

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Ja hoor.. onze Deb op terras😍wat fijn dat jullie weer in de lucht zijn!!❣️

There is this recovery team guy on instagram who recovers hacked and deactivated account or lost logins. Message him on Instagram #slowntech he’s legit team on Instagram he sorted out ours for us all thanks to him🙏🏻🥺

Learning new things together! Even if the species you are looking for suddenly left the building....(pilot whales..)Image attachmentImage attachment
Checking the boat...

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Schitterende foto

Magnificent 🤩 WOW

Tomarss pod (named after a beautiful monastery in Portugal), is normally a bit shy but lately they have become 5 Roosters who chase females whenever they like and wish. Today in the morning they were creating chaos in a nursery with newborns..but after some minutes they gave up and started to rest. Pfff😳

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Frisky Rissos 💕


Wat mooi!!

At the start of August, we saw a large group of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins with several calves and one tiny newborn. The mother took her baby for a d-tour alongside our vessel. Wow, so small!Image attachmentImage attachment+6Image attachment

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Wat vertederend om te zien❣️

The Rissos 2022 babies  Naughty and Noel at a perfect summer day in July.. Thea Laydevant

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Wonderful picture

S11c: Still going strong! (without the dorsal-fin!)Image attachmentImage attachment

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Te gek

Ohh amazing !!!!!


Video image

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Gorgeous footage!!!

Tof! Pieter achter de knoppen?

Weer als altijd schitterend.


The newborn Rissos babies edition 2022 are already losing the typical yellow head colouration. And... they are pretty naughty and curious 😃
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